Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014


. . . I  A M  B A C K . . . Longtime ago that I write here something down! But I am back and I will try to keep the blog updated. I will let you know about my fashion style, make up, travelexperience and not to forget the food! I will uploud some photos from the past year. I traveled a lot... Well actually just to the USA. I've been there two times and two years. I've been also to London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zürich and so on... I posted a lot of my photos on Instagram. So if you want to see my recent photos, then just follow me on Instagram (Jaffy_Taffy) ! ;-)
The time really change your life... Soon I will show you how and share my experience with you!

Be yourself...

 . . . 2015 GONNA BE LAGENDARY . . .

Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013


Saturday was such an amazing day for me! My friend wan two tickets for David Guetta in Hannover! The concert was so good! He played songs from his new album! And before there was Kaz James and Nick Romero! Also two good actors!

My outfit for the concert
- Chucks converse
- ripped Hollister jeans 
- Chicago bulls Michael Jordan tricot

First raw baby! Directly next to the boxes! After that we had such a tinnitus! But is was worth!^^

Kaz James

Nicky Romero .... And finally David Guetta!!!

Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Go wild like a tiger

Sunday was a lazy day! So I just wear my comfy and easy tiger dress and pump it with some accessories!
- H&M tiger dress
- TW metallic neckless
- TW leatherjacket 
- TW boots
- TW leopard ring

Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

Workout without gym

Hey everybody! I told you that I will tell you something about my training!
So everyday i do 100 to 150 sit ups! Most if the time I do 50 early in the morning and 100 before I go to
Bed! Also I run twice a week at least one hour! Well actually that is all for my training!^^ not very much right!^^ 
To eat:
You can eat everything if you have your taste under control! So you have to stop if you know you are full and have enough!  And you should eat breakfast! It's the most important meal! Every morning I eat organic bread with something on top u can eat everything! Don't forget it! And drink at least 2-3L at least! But to be honest I can't drink so much!^^ anyway! Regularly time for eat is important as well for lunch I eat most of the time sth light for example Cesar salat! And for dessert a fruit! An apple or a peal or banana for more energy and vitamin! At my work they all like to snack some candys! And me too but I try to reduce it! Less chocolate and all the stuff! But sometimes I can't say no^^ so it's alright! But have yourself under control!!! At night I eat most of the time a avocado in combination wit lemon and salt! It's so delicious and I'm most of the time very full. If not I eat a yogurt! Any way don't eat after 6.30pm;) and at The end you had a healthy day and a healthy body! You can eat meat and so on but try to reduce sides like potato or rice, pasta and white bread!

So to be honest! That is all what I'm doing! Not much I know! But I feel good! And I think this is the most important thing! You should feel good!:)

Thanks for reading!
xoxo ❤

Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

Happy Pentecost!

Today I wear my cool nike AirMax and combine it with my RUN DMC T-Shirt!
I don't wear a dress for these special holiday because the weather isn't very good today! 

As you can see I have to wear a cardigan too! It's just wet outside! So annoying! 
Hope you guys have a great Pentecost weekend! And better weather all over the world!

My make up is a Little Bit stronger today, but still simple and neutral. Because I wear contact lens which make the pupil bigger. It looks pretty scary the first time. That's why you should make a stronger eye make up.
I just fill my brows in and line my eye with an eyeliner. My line was thicker and longer then everyday. And I used heaps of mascara. I always use two. One for longer lashes and one for more volume.
Also I use an light green eyeliner for my waterline. That was all! No brush and no contouring to focus everything on my eyes.

What are you doing on Pentecost? I will just spend my time with my family and go out for dinner!

Next time I will tell you something about my home workout training and what I always eat and all the stuffs to get a healthy body!

Sneakers - Nike AirMax
Jeggin - Zara
T-Shirt - Junk Food (bought it at UrbanOutfitters)
Cardigan - H&M

Contact lens - Dailies
Eyeliner - Majolica Marjorca
Eyeliner (for waterline)  - Kryolan
Eyebrows - Benefit
Mascara (for volume) - Bobby Brown
Mascara (for longer lashes) Chanel


Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013


Aww yesterday the jimmy choo's arrived from uk! Aww I was so excited!

Omg I think every women know the feeling, if sth special come! We order it for the wedding of my sister! And we thought we couldn't wear any shoes! That's why we decide to order these pumps and sandals! Now we nearly complete my sisters wedding outfit and my outfit! For sure I will show you the wedding dress and my outfit! The wedding will coming up soon;) so just wait for it!  

To be honest they are soooo pretty and comfy!!!! It was totally the money worth!

Aww I love them soooo much!

Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

Fröhlichen Christi Himmelfahrt! - happy Daddy day!

Hello lovely Reader!
Today was Christi Himmelfahrt als vatertag ( Daddy-day ) 
What have u done?!:)
I Went out with my girls! Here some fotos!

It was so much fun! We had a bike ride and had some drinks! As u know if many girls are together it will be loud and everybody loughs and sings!
Hope u guys had a great day!

Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Budapest - First Impression

Wow I really fell in love with Budapest! It's a beautiful, romantic city!
The first day we just walk down the streets and made a stop at Café Kör!
It was so full there and now I know why!
Because they have amazing foods!!!!
You guys should taste it, if you are there! Just a little insider tip!

After that we took a walk a long the Donau and walk up to our hotel! It was a nice romantic walk! And while it's getting darker because of the sunrise, it's getting more romantically!
On the second day we had a nearly 20 km walk throw Budapest! We walk along the Donau again to the island and on the top of the island we went on the buds side and walk down again. After reaching the nearly the end of the buda side, we go back to the pest side!:) it was so beautiful just to walk along streets and see more and more and more

On the third day we went to the antique street and after that we drove down to the biggest market! Oh gosh that was amazing! So many chilli and vegetables! All what you need! They had two floors! The ground floor was a food market and the first floor was full of stuffs and bistros!*.* 

Nomnomnom!!! Sooo tasty!:)

After a delicious lunch we went to the biggest thermal bath in Budapest! Oh it was so relaxing!!!! 
A must do in Budapest! Hear about, that the thermal bath health the people!:) 

This is Budapest at night!!!!!:)