Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012


Broome is such an amazing Place! I have to Day 12days are to Long without work and 4days Gould Be completely anoughto stay! I staz at beaches of broome. It is the best hostel (I would say motel) I've ever been! They have a pool,tv(DVD)-room and breakfast! It is directly here in cable beach,so the beach is not far away. Cable beach is amazing! Duh a beautiful beach. U don't have to fly to fiji, if u want to come to broome it is just so beautiful!And the people here all r nice and friendly! But broome is a bit more expensive,than the other places I've already been. If u have a job here, than u r very lucky!The payment is awesome here! I worked one day for my hostel an I got 20$ perhour and also one day at the horserace it was fun I just have to make the tabit was easy work;) hihihi and I got 22$ per hour! Good money here! So and yeah the chinatown(city) is Sooooo little! I finish the city in 20minutes! And I think I saw everything!^^so yeah little but cute!^^ hihihihi yeah I like broome! I had nice roommates;) and met nice people here! Fazit: I like broome for holidays and relax! Or to work, to earn good money. But I would not like to life here;) HOMESICK - NOT

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