Sonntag, 26. August 2012

Dubai / Abu Dhabi

Dubai, One of the magical places I've ever been! But there's not much nature and all the stuff, it's more art which make the city interesting! The city has huge buildings and everything do modern. And on the other hand there's a little old town. So yeah and so many palaces! Everything so luxury and glamourous! Can't discribe it! My bf spent 2/3 days there, befor he flew to mexico city for 6month. Oh hh... So cute xD haha yeah, no we had a great time, an as u see, we both love to travel;) may I can ask him to make a post about Mexico city. I mean about the city, some insider tips. Or anything else?!^^ let me know! So yeah Dubai is amazing, we rent a car and drove to Abu dhabi. Abu dhabi is more extremly traditional. I would say. And they have beautyful water so blue/green can't discribe it.
We was there when ramadan begins so everybody didn't eat or drink. Wow pretty hard I would say. So it's forbidden to eat outside. Or the police will catch u in this time. And yeah Dubai is shopping paradise xD so many huge malls every brand what u can think about, is there. Really. And the best u don't have to pay any tax there;)


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