Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

Snaek Peek

A beautyful autumn weekend in october. I wanna do a little follow me around. The weather was adoreble. and I was at a birthdayparty and I love to give away present, but i often don't know what to give away. what kind of present are you always give away for familymember and friends, girls, man? i think it is always so hard to find good and useful presents.  anyway, I try to find a present for my friend. and i found one. i bought a nailpolish and a eyeshadow from CATRICE. Also I bought one for me^^ - yeah a little present for me^^.... and also I found a cool Legging. but I will show it you in my next haul;)
Anyway,  the birthday party was pretty cute. just girls was invide and she had heaps of different cakes. okay it was three^^ plus I did my NY Cheesecake and a friend of her made brownies. Yummy and as you know i'm obsess with cakes^^ it really was a cute party! 
And Sunday I went with my sister to my favorite icecream coffeeshop^^ they have the best icecream eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer^^ 
I just loooooove sweets^^  after a huge icecream we made a little walk in the sun. It was soooo beautyful. such a nice day. and now i lay in my bed, watching Gossip Girl season 6 >.< and do some online shopping and planing my next trip, what else^^  what are you alway doing on a weekend like this?^^

I wish you a good night:D

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