Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Biggest Sorry ever

I'm sooo sooo Sorry that i didn't write anything into my blog since one month ago! But I have an excuse! My sister married on the 12th of December! And the last month until the marriage was sooo busy with the last wedding planing!!!!>.< I mean really! It just was the ceremony and
It was already very busy! Also my sister is a very perfect person. She wants to be everything perfect! Anyway I wanna share the awesome day and will upload some photos. And now I'm back!:) ouh by the way I went to London for the surprise bachelorette party! And yeh I bought some new stuff so I thing at the end of the year there will be a big huge haul which I will named it "last haul, last month, last year" I think!^^
I missed you!

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