Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Budapest - First Impression

Wow I really fell in love with Budapest! It's a beautiful, romantic city!
The first day we just walk down the streets and made a stop at Café Kör!
It was so full there and now I know why!
Because they have amazing foods!!!!
You guys should taste it, if you are there! Just a little insider tip!

After that we took a walk a long the Donau and walk up to our hotel! It was a nice romantic walk! And while it's getting darker because of the sunrise, it's getting more romantically!
On the second day we had a nearly 20 km walk throw Budapest! We walk along the Donau again to the island and on the top of the island we went on the buds side and walk down again. After reaching the nearly the end of the buda side, we go back to the pest side!:) it was so beautiful just to walk along streets and see more and more and more

On the third day we went to the antique street and after that we drove down to the biggest market! Oh gosh that was amazing! So many chilli and vegetables! All what you need! They had two floors! The ground floor was a food market and the first floor was full of stuffs and bistros!*.* 

Nomnomnom!!! Sooo tasty!:)

After a delicious lunch we went to the biggest thermal bath in Budapest! Oh it was so relaxing!!!! 
A must do in Budapest! Hear about, that the thermal bath health the people!:) 

This is Budapest at night!!!!!:)

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