Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

Happy First may

Yesterday i was in my hometown Bremen!:) I had a sunny funny happy day!
First I get up and made myself ready! After that I wear my new floral pants from zara kids section in combination with my pastel-yellow pullover from mango:D looks like a colorful bird I thought! And as my flowerful outfit I spend my whole day outside with the sun!:) I wear my sandals from H&M, also very colorful and my jeans jacket from H&M too. As a handbag I take my LV speedy one! Still in love with my bag like the first day! Because I can combine it
Most time with everything!:)
Also with my close I worked a little bit in our huge garden, so I helped my mum ! After a half day spending in the garden, we went to a little village and ate asparagus and fish! It was soooo tasty! After sharing the starter and had our main dinner, we couldn't eat a dessert:( next time we should also share our main dinner, too.

And at least I also have good news! I have holiday now until mothersday! Would like to know what u give ur mum as a gift?! Just kisses and huges?!;P I will spend this Saturday until Tuesday in Budapest width my mum! Can't wait to see Budapest!!:D so excited! Do u guys have any tipps?!:)let me a comment below, if yes, other way I will take u guys with me on my trip and make a Lots a lots of picture fore sure;)

Have a nice day!

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