Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

Happy Pentecost!

Today I wear my cool nike AirMax and combine it with my RUN DMC T-Shirt!
I don't wear a dress for these special holiday because the weather isn't very good today! 

As you can see I have to wear a cardigan too! It's just wet outside! So annoying! 
Hope you guys have a great Pentecost weekend! And better weather all over the world!

My make up is a Little Bit stronger today, but still simple and neutral. Because I wear contact lens which make the pupil bigger. It looks pretty scary the first time. That's why you should make a stronger eye make up.
I just fill my brows in and line my eye with an eyeliner. My line was thicker and longer then everyday. And I used heaps of mascara. I always use two. One for longer lashes and one for more volume.
Also I use an light green eyeliner for my waterline. That was all! No brush and no contouring to focus everything on my eyes.

What are you doing on Pentecost? I will just spend my time with my family and go out for dinner!

Next time I will tell you something about my home workout training and what I always eat and all the stuffs to get a healthy body!

Sneakers - Nike AirMax
Jeggin - Zara
T-Shirt - Junk Food (bought it at UrbanOutfitters)
Cardigan - H&M

Contact lens - Dailies
Eyeliner - Majolica Marjorca
Eyeliner (for waterline)  - Kryolan
Eyebrows - Benefit
Mascara (for volume) - Bobby Brown
Mascara (for longer lashes) Chanel


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