Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

Workout without gym

Hey everybody! I told you that I will tell you something about my training!
So everyday i do 100 to 150 sit ups! Most if the time I do 50 early in the morning and 100 before I go to
Bed! Also I run twice a week at least one hour! Well actually that is all for my training!^^ not very much right!^^ 
To eat:
You can eat everything if you have your taste under control! So you have to stop if you know you are full and have enough!  And you should eat breakfast! It's the most important meal! Every morning I eat organic bread with something on top u can eat everything! Don't forget it! And drink at least 2-3L at least! But to be honest I can't drink so much!^^ anyway! Regularly time for eat is important as well for lunch I eat most of the time sth light for example Cesar salat! And for dessert a fruit! An apple or a peal or banana for more energy and vitamin! At my work they all like to snack some candys! And me too but I try to reduce it! Less chocolate and all the stuff! But sometimes I can't say no^^ so it's alright! But have yourself under control!!! At night I eat most of the time a avocado in combination wit lemon and salt! It's so delicious and I'm most of the time very full. If not I eat a yogurt! Any way don't eat after 6.30pm;) and at The end you had a healthy day and a healthy body! You can eat meat and so on but try to reduce sides like potato or rice, pasta and white bread!

So to be honest! That is all what I'm doing! Not much I know! But I feel good! And I think this is the most important thing! You should feel good!:)

Thanks for reading!
xoxo ❤

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