Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014


. . . I  A M  B A C K . . . Longtime ago that I write here something down! But I am back and I will try to keep the blog updated. I will let you know about my fashion style, make up, travelexperience and not to forget the food! I will uploud some photos from the past year. I traveled a lot... Well actually just to the USA. I've been there two times and two years. I've been also to London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zürich and so on... I posted a lot of my photos on Instagram. So if you want to see my recent photos, then just follow me on Instagram (Jaffy_Taffy) ! ;-)
The time really change your life... Soon I will show you how and share my experience with you!

Be yourself...

 . . . 2015 GONNA BE LAGENDARY . . .

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